The latest in small-scale modular methanol plant technology

MeOH-To-Go® (also referred to as Methanol-To-Go®) is designed to operate anywhere in the world and based on its modular design, can be moved if needed. This modular design also reduces the risks common in field construction and is designed for remote operation. These plants enable users to produce their own methanol output from associated, stranded or pipeline gas. The plant is designed to be self-sufficient with respect to utilities, so it can be operated as a stand-alone facility.

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    Produces methanol output from associated, stranded, or pipeline gas

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    Reduces risks common in field construction

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    Movable, self-sufficient, and can be remotely operated

How it works
How it works

MeOH-To-Go® plants use natural gas from a variety of grey sources, including pipeline, stranded and flared, as well as different compositions of syngas derived from newly developed green or blue sources to create Grade AA methanol. Customers also have the option to add MPS’ Gasoline-To-Go® or even DME-To-Go® to the backend of a MeOH-To-Go® plant for additional optional outputs.

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The MeOH-To-Go® (or Methanol-To-Go®) plant can be utilized for a variety of needs and industries.

Whether it is for upstream or midstream oil & gas, downstream chemical producers, or chemical distributors, there is now a better answer for their gas monetization and methanol needs. The MeOH-To-Go® (or Methanol-To-Go®) plant has a much lower entry cost than a world scale plant, with easier construction, faster time to start-up, and proven technology in a turnkey package as well as the option for remote operation.

  • low entry cost
  • easy construction
  • remote operation
  • fast start-up time
  • proven technology
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MeOH-TO-GO® (or Methanol-To-Go®) is a team collaboration between Haldor Topsoe, the world-leader in methanol process technology with over 40 licensed methanol units around the world, and Modular Plant Solutions, engineering and operations specialists with over 550 years of combined experience in construction, engineering, fabrication and operations.