Modular Plant Solutions

MPS is a global engineering firm specializing in process modularization and project implementation.

MPS is a group of highly selected engineers, operators and industry experts, bringing best-in-class plant solutions and hands-on experience for a variety of processes for the oil and petrochemical industries.

We work with your group or as stand-alone unit to develop a modular solution to meet your plant needs.

Why Modularization?

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    reduce risks of on-site construction
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    have more dependable pricing
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    higher quality assembly versus in-field assembly

Patent-Pending Modularized Structural System for Process Plants Based on the ISO-Container Standard

This design makes sense for customers looking to save on upfront capital costs, making the assembly and transportation quicker and easier compared to world-scale plant sizes and needs. An added benefit is that its easily transportable and great for remote locations.


MPS understands that many things change over time in regards to the life-cycle of a facility, such as input costs, output needs and other variables, that may make transporting a plant make sense.

  • The latest in small-scale modular methanol plant technology, designed for field operations anywhere in the world.

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  • DME-To-Go®

    An add-on option for MeOH-To-Go® plants to produce Dimethyl Ether (DME), a very clean burning alternative Diesel fuel.

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  • Gasoline-To-Go™

    A small-scale modular natural gas to gasoline plant, available as an add-on to MeOH-To-Go® plants.

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Our team of experts can help you plan, design, and execute the development of your modular facility, no matter the type.

  • Russell Hillenberg
    President and CEO, Co-Founder image description
  • David Townsend, P.E
    Vice President of Engineering (Co-Founder of Modular Plant Solutions) image description
  • Heather Bennett
    VP, Business Development image description
  • Tony Hopkins
    VP, Finance image description
  • Joel Hendricks
    Vice President of Project Management image description
  • Sid Mowbray
    Vice President of Operations image description
  • Knox Rider
    Instrumentation Engineer image description
  • Mark Peterson
    Mechanical and Construction Engineer image description
  • Nathan Nagel
    image description
  • Steve McMillan
    Principal Process Analyzer Engineer image description
  • Ken Fischer, P.E.
    Rotating Equipment Engineer image description
  • Bob Bryce
    Electrical Engineer image description
  • Bob Thompson, P.E
    Civil and Structural Engineer image description
  • Oscar Garza
    Commissioning and Startup Specialist image description
  • Tommy Doggett
    Commissioning, Startup, and Operations Manager image description
  • Steve Clifford
    Commissioning and Startup Specialist image description
  • Ken Windhorst
    Industrial Chemist image description
  • Terry Sanders
    Rotating Equipment Specialist image description
  • Jim Curtis
    Process Safety Engineer image description
  • Monica Cervantes
    Senior Electrical Engineer image description
  • Bob Lampton
    Environmental Engineer image description
  • Ashok Rakhe
    Corrosion and Materials Engineer image description
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MPS values


We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards and principles.


We work with you to create a solution and plan that works best for all parties.


We provide world-class products and solutions.


We are good stewards of money, time, and talent.

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